Next generation screens and traditional insect screen products, all at affordable prices.


Powder coated stainless steel made with high-tensile-strength fine wire with sought-after advantages over traditional insect screen products.


A finer mesh version of SuperFine with the additional advantage of blocking very small, hard-to-see insects.


Heavier gauge powder coated stainless steel providing more structure and stability for doors and enclosures, and resistant to scratching, clawing, chewing or other damage from pets.


Various types of traditional fiberglass screens in a range of meshes, yarn gauges, colors and stiffness levels.


Aluminum screen, standard mesh and wire gauge, also a lighter weight and more economical option, in several colors.


Vinyl-coated polyester in a variety of meshes and gauges for protection from insects and sun control, for use in windows, doors, and enclosures, including pet resistant products.


Specialty screen meshes, metal and textile, including stainless steel screen, bronze screen, security screens and pleated mesh.