Key Differences

The WeaveX Company is a joint undertaking of manufacturing and global sales businesses. Our aim is to provide advanced, newly engineered, insect screen and other woven mesh products in the American markets that have significant advantages over the time-worn products of the past – and we are committed to supplying these high-value, optimum quality, products at competitive and affordable prices. Our name is also a statement intended to summarize our aim, motto, and our goals; simply put, in everything that our company does, we strive for eXcellence.

Attention to Detail

To assure the highest level of quality, adherence to American standards is a prerequisite for production at all of our manufacturing locations, globally. Ultimately, by meeting and exceeding industry standards, and by outperforming our competition across all of our product offerings, the meaning of the “X” in our name will go unsaid.


With nearly a century of combined experience in the screen and mesh industry among our leadership, we have acquired intimate knowledge of the products the landscape offers, both technical and practical. It is this insight that allows us to design cutting-edge products that provide the most beneficial and sought-after features. Notwithstanding, experience has taught us – when left undefined – eXcellence can never be achieved.

Awareness of customer needs.

We produce, or contract and supervise the production of, our screen mesh products at manufacturing locations around the world ensuring that high quality is produced to our strict standards, at low cost. Our exacting standards are a prerequisite for production at all our manufacturing locations globally. 

Through ongoing data collection and fact-based consumer research, we are aware of our customers’ need for prices that give them advantages to compete successfully in their marketplace. We understand that on-time delivery and product support are essential for our customers to conduct their business.

Profound and practical knowledge of manufacturing.

We supply a wide range of insect screens in our next generation stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, polyester, polypropylene, bronze and other materials,

as well as other mesh products including security screen, solar screen, and pleated mesh.

Uniquely suited to fulfill your expectations.

Our vision is global yet our focus is on servicing the needs of each individual and market. We know what our customers mean when they ask for specific qualities and product performance. 

We value our customers’ experience. We trust our customers’ knowledge. We recognize that our job is to utilize these resources and our global reach to produce and supply the right products and quality, at the right price, for each customer in every market.

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